by Canaan

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Bucky Heavy psychedelic blues blistering with dynamite vocals. This is the real deal.
Zach Crowell
Zach Crowell thumbnail
Zach Crowell One of the best albums I've ever heard! Favorite track: Solitude.
Lute FP
Lute FP thumbnail
Lute FP This is a very good album, frankly sounds a lot like the earlier Graveyard stuff. If it were put out 5 years ago I'd be jumpimg up and down over it.
brandon holtzclaw
brandon holtzclaw thumbnail
brandon holtzclaw Great musicians, killer vocals fantastic album.....that about sums it up! Favorite track: Canaan.
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna We all asked for more, and man did you bring it! Killer album!! Favorite track: Solitude.
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After spending two years playing a flurry of local and regional shows and honing our sound, we're proud to finally present our debut album! Jeffery Scott Greer - Drums/Keys/Flute, Brandon Smith - Bass, Jase Bryant - Guitar/Vocals


released June 4, 2016

Recorded by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, AR
Album art done by David Paul Seymour



all rights reserved


Canaan Texarkana, Arkansas

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Track Name: Foolish Blues
She might be no good, but she treats me right
She might be no good, but she keeps it tight
Got inside my head, oh no

I got the foolish, I got the foolish blues
And I've got little, little enough to lose
So don't you mind if, mind if I take my time
I got the foolish blues

I might have been a fool, but my heart was right
I might have been crazy ya'll, but I was never blind
Got inside my head, oh no

Sure I believe it, but I know it ain't true
That I'd have the strength to see you through
But when you crossed that line
You proved me the fool
Track Name: Solitude
Do not conceal, nor evade
'Less you mean to provoke distrust
We've all got our reasons why nothing can change
But it just takes a spark
And it takes us all
'Cause we're closer to solitude than we've ever been
I find it funny how fear and love
Go hand in hand

It's a relentless tide, berates our thought
And an endless dark to be fought off
But the war drums cease not long enough for us
To hear the light by the trumpet called

Do not fear, for don't you see
How we all walk upon the same ground
The walls divide, a waste of time
But it's not for nought
We gotta learn somehow
'Cause we're closer to solitude than we've ever been
We walk a fine line
If we don't turn around
We'll see the end
We're gonna see the end

The war drums need not sound
Nor the fires scorch the sky
Let each man keep his ground
And burn with his own tribe
Track Name: The Prophet
It's written in the stars
And evident, proclaimed
It's part of who we are
And never to attain

The prophet stood before me
Wrenched a crooked smile
His eyes revealed the truth behind his words
He said, "I see a new age, but it's not for you and I
We'll not live to see the dawn that breaks the long, long night"

Resounding was his voice
Above the battle cry
You do not have a choice
I know the end is nigh
Track Name: Canaan
I walked across a shallow river
Where I lay beneath the trees
And in my sleep came a demon to steal my soul
When I woke my mind was clouded
Could not remember whence I came
And I found uncertain dread had gripped me deep down to my bones

I'd no choice but to run
In no direction at all
I would find my end
I would bruise my knees
And the rightful foe
Was with me all along
It was the fear in me
It was the fear in me

I wandered far through the mountains
Through the mud, through the marsh
Up to the edge of the sea where I stopped to gather up my strength
Then rose a voice from the waters
Followed by a blinding light
And a storm filled the sky, and the waves crashed down on me

Weakened and afraid
I found myself at war
Everything I loved had been set on fire
Black smoke rise
Won't you color up the sun
Then falls the light
And the battle's begun

I walked alone in my father's stead
There was I to myself reconciled
We dug a well down in Canaan land
Where we drank, and were satisfied
Track Name: Black River
People fighting secret wars
Spilling blood in holy name
No one knows what to think
Twisted truth is just a lie

Behold, Black River
Where every man soon shall lie
And give up his water
To the old Black River

The Self is sometimes hard to find
In the face of immortality
But look into your future
Each of us is made to die